Logistic equipment repair with complete service package

Wherever there is an abundant use of machineries there is a requirement for impeccable service with the higher standards. Green Desert specializes in providing its clients with the top most possible turnaround time making them the leader in logistic equipment repair. The multi vendor service packages cater to all kind of budgets and all services are resolved in almost no time making the entire service a wonderful experience. We have multiple points of repair with a dedicated regional support staff. The customized approach in addressing a issue request makes it more interactive with the machine handlers thus preventing the same accident from happening ever in future. The more a machine spends time in the field the more the lesser it will require preventive maintenance if all the parameters set forth by the service personnel is followed accordingly. Testing, evaluating and calculating the lifetime of machines and their performance provides you with the edge of no service breakdowns. Reclamation of worn out parts and recycling them without affecting any norms set forth by environmental regulations are a value added service provided for the logistic equipment repair. All these positive features makes the operating costs to go down and have considerable positive impact of profit margins.

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