Tips To Help You Stay Hydrated

It’s a funny thing but no matter how often you tell some people they still can’t get the idea of how important staying hydrated is! We all have a friend who complains of persistent headaches and when you ask them if they’ve been drinking much water they’ll reply that they haven’t. In fact more people than ever will have noticed the effects of thirst and dehydration after the erratic summer weather.

The fact is that your body’s main way of cooling down is through sweat and when the sweat evaporates from your body it also take some of the heat with it too. For this cooling system to remain functional it requires us to consume water, if we don’t then the body has a very limited store to fall back on. The results can be pretty severe if you don’t stay hydrated and in the summer can range from exhaustion to heat stroke.

So to keep you hydrated and healthy, here are some of our top water tips.

Do A Sweat Test
There is a little science in this but you can do it yourself at home or at the gym. The idea is to weigh yourself (without clothes) both before and after exercise, the drop in weight that you will notice is from losing sweat. To rehydrate yourself correctly it is stated that you should drink 2 cups of water for every pound of weight lost. You don’t have to do this all in one go by the way!

Forget The Classic “Eight Glasses A Day” Advice
We have all heard this recommendation but unfortunately it is a little to generalized for most of us. How much water you drink should really be measured by a variety of factors, these include your weight, diet, the temperature you live in and how much you exercise. You can always resort to the classic indication of seeing how dehydrated you are from your urine colour or pay more attention to when you are thirsty.

Don’t Like Drinking Water? Then Eat It
Plenty of people will come up with the excuse that they don’t like drinking water and if that is the case then tell them to eat it instead! Eating plant-based foods is a great way to stay hydrated and it will give you added flavour too. Whether you choose to eat fresh fruit or vegetables, they will not only provide your body with water but also important electrolytes too.

Drink Consistently
Too many people notice they are dehydrated when their head begins to hurt or once they are urinate. A good way to prevent this from happening is always having a drink to hand so you can sip consistently throughout the day; this also stops you from doing the classic “I just drank a 2 litre bottle of water in a few minutes so I can’t be dehydrated”. Look for natural drinks with electrolytes in them to help you not only stay hydrated but to give your body the minerals it needs.

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