What Do Nutritionists Really Eat For Breakfast?

With all the fad “superfoods” going around these days it is easy to think that nutritionists are always eating something obscure and tasteless, but of course this isn’t true and so we thought it would be beneficial to take a look at the most important meal of the day and how nutritionists go about making it. For most of us breakfast is a very rushed affair that often results in us having a coffee and pain au chocolat and you don’t need a nutritionist to tell you that having this 5 times a week isn’t going to do you any favours!

Here are some of our favourite suggestions from nine of the top nutritionists and hopefully they’ll spark your imagination too.

Greek Yoghurt Bowl
If you want a healthy protein boost in the morning then why not try adding a scoop of vanilla protein powder to Greek yoghurt. Throw in some pomegranate for freshness and a handful of walnuts for some natural fats. If this doesn’t sound too special then consider the facts; Greek yoghurt has twice the protein and half the carbs of regular yoghurt, pomegranate is one of the most powerful antioxidants around and walnuts will give you large amounts of omega-3.

Skim Latte
This one is for the weight conscious coffee drinker out there. A tall 16-ounce skim milk latte has the same protein as two eggs and half of your calcium requirements for the day. Finish it off with a handful of seasonal fruit to get some solids into you.

Protein Pancake
These pancakes are a healthier alternative to starchy white pancakes. The egg whites and high-quality protein powder give you energy throughout the morning and help to keep those hunger pangs at bay. Throw in some whole grain oats to add some rich fiber and you’ll be resisting the urge to snack before lunch.

Veggie Omelet
If you are a fan of a more savory breakfast then a veggie omelet could be the one for you. Opt for an egg white omelet and fill it with anything from broccoli, onions, spinach, peppers and even a bit of feta for a lower calorie cheese option. Throw in a smoothie and some water, and you’ll be wishing you could have this every morning. The great thing about this dish is that it will keep you full for hours and it is packed with protein that will help keep your blood sugar levels under control.

Havarti Cheese and Pitta
For a slightly alternative take on breakfast why not make a Havarti cheese and egg scramble, throw on some chopped tomatoes and peppers, then place it all on top of a some toasted pitta. It is well worth having a solid breakfast like this is your body is running on empty after 8 hours of sleep, so loading it up with low-fat protein and good carbs is a must. The cheese also gives an added sharpness to proceedings as it is aged for several months, it all adds up to a well-balanced breakfast that only comes up to 300 calories.

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